2019 Egypt – Day Three – Munich to Egypt

Thursday, 14 November

Early start to the day, five am train from Kaufbeuren to the airport. It was cold and dark for the walk to the train station, but no snow and I think warmer than Manassas today. I left Nicole to get her boarding pass and walked fifteen minutes to find the Condor check in. After checking in, find the gate. Munich airport has multiple security checkpoints, so you need to find your gate before going through security.

Since I had plenty of time, my flight was an hour and a half after Nicole’s, I had a coffee and blueberry muffin. Airports have a lot of differences, but usually airport food is overpriced and not too good. Munich is no exception. I  got my boarding call, went through the gate and waited for a bus. Crowded on the bus for a short ride to the plane. I had to dig out my coat again. I settled in for about a four hour flight to Egypt, hoping to get a little more sleep and adjust to the time change. Egypt is another hour earlier for a total of seven hours difference from Virginia. We waited on the taxi way for a few minutes to have the wings deiced before departing. I don’t remember seeing that before. I had a aisle seat by the wing so I got a good view.

Arrived at the Hurghada airport and it is bigger and newer than I expected. From the plane, it was onto a bus for a short ride to the terminal. Egypt requires a $25 sticker for entry. Bought the sticker and got through passport control. Found my way to baggage claim and while waiting for my bag, found my driver. Of course, my bag was one of the last ones. Headed out to the van and found out there was a different driver. We dropped off the guy that met me and continued to the resort. It was around five and the sun was setting.

Egyptian traffic looks interesting. Almost all the signs are in Arabic. Trucks and buses have a row of green or blue LEDs on top. The LEDs seem to have different patterns but I did not get that figured out. There were red LED signs about the size of stop signs. These had some different patterns as well. I am glad I wasn’t driving. At least traffic was light.

I arrived at Coral Garden Resort a little after eight. Nicole met me at check in. After finding my room, I unpacked. Amazing how quick you can unpack when you don’t bring much. Dinner was from seven until nine with an outdoor barbecue. I forgot to take photos. Lots of salads, rice and beef and chicken skewers. Plenty of desserts also. The food was good.

It looks like I have cell service here and the internet in the bar area is fast enough to post photos. None tonight but I will post some tomorrow.

It stayed warm tonight. About 80 degrees, a nice change from Virginia and Munich. Breakfast is from seven until nine thirty. Tomorrow, Nicole has set up a time, nine, to meet a dive staff member to review our paperwork so we can dive. We are planning an welcome dive with an instructor after that. It will be exciting to get back in the water again. We plan to meet for breakfast at about eight, then head to the dive shop.

I am anxious to see the resort in daylight. I have a general idea of the layout but haven’t seen the water yet.

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