2019 Egypt – Day Two – Munich

Wednesday, 13 November

The flight was on time. I always feel that some psychologist is doing an experiment when I arrive at an airport. It feels like a mouse maze and it seems different each time. The Munich airport has two subway stops, so this time it was a new stop. Using a DB Navigation app, I was able to find my route and buy my ticket. Three different trains and about two hours to Kaufbeuren.

Weather here is pretty much what I left behind, cold and overcast. I have had the chance to text Dolora and Nicole while on the train. In my limited experience, the German trains run like clockwork. Wish we had a system like this in the US. I arrived around 2:30 and walked to the shopping center to pick up a few liquid items since I did not check a bag to Munich. It is interesting to read sunblock labels in German. At least there is sunblock in the drugstore in November. No one is using it here. I will be checking a bag the rest of the flights. Nicole was hoping to be here at 3:30, work did not cooperate. Frank meet me at 4:30. Anyway, there is a little cafe area to wait in. I had a coffee and a chance to update this journal.

Nicole arrived shortly after Frank and I got to her apartment. After some greetings, it was out in the cold for some dinner. We walked to the Croatian restaurant where Nicole, Frank, Dolora and I had dinner in September. After dinner, a short stop on the way back for some snacks for the trip. Relax for the evening and get up early for the train to the airport. Egypt tomorrow.

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