2019 Egypt – Summary

Water absorbs different wavelengths of light to different degrees. The longest wavelengths, with the lowest energy, are absorbed first. Red is the first to be absorbed, followed by orange & yellow. The colors disappear underwater in the same order as they appear in the color spectrum. Even water at 5 feet of depth will have a noticeable loss of red.

At What Depth Underwater Does Color Disappear?

  • Red – 15 feet
  • Orange – 25 feet
  • Yellow – 35-45 feet
  • Green – 70-75 feet

Most of the dives were in 35-65 feet of water, leaving the photos with a strong blue cast.

It has taken a little bit of effort to find an easy, quick way to do a little color correction of the underwater photos. I first tried using image and video editing tools but the process was slow and the results mixed. I finally found an app, Dive+, which automated the process. Results aren’t perfect but much better than with no correction. You can check out the results below.

2019 Egypt Dive Photos

2019 Egypt Dive Videos

2019 Egypt – Niko & Eva’s Dive Photos

2019 Egypt Album

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