2020 St. Lucia – Day One – Travel to St. Lucia

Tuesday, 11 February

Well the alarm went of at 4:15 so we could get to the airport at 5:00 for a 7:00 flight to Atlanta and then to St.Lucia. It rained pretty good for the drive to the airport. Forecast is for rain until Thursday and then it gets colder. St Lucia will be a nice break. The flight to Atlanta was not full, so Dolora and I shared three seats. It was on time making the flight transfer uneventful.

We landed in St.Lucia about 3:30 with sun and 80 degree weather. A short line for immigration and then waved through customs. As soon as we left the airport, everyone wanted to be the taxi or sell something. While I used the restroom, a taxi driver, Rawle, approached Dolora. His fare was the expected rate for our trip the the Hummingbird Resort in Soufriere. Along the way, we stopped at an ATM to get some ECDs (East Caribbean Dollars). Rawle entertained us on the forty five minute drive along the windy, hilly roads. We learned about his family and which sites to visit.

We checked into our room and made a short walk on the beach. On the way back, Captain Peter told us about all the tours he offers. We are considering a tour of the volcano, sulphur springs and mud bath.

It was off to the bar for our welcome rum punch and dinner at the resort. Conch for me and Fish Tropical for Dolora. Two German couples from Munich came in and sat nearby. Dinner was good and we didn’t need dessert. Back on the deck to relax and enjoy the weather before turning in early after a long day.

2020 St.Lucia Album

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