2020 St. Lucia – Day Eight – Back Home

Tuesday, 18 February

Dolora and I had our last breakfast at the Hummingbird Resort. We did some packing and walked into town. Sitting in a little park, we watched a bunch of catamarans full of cruise passengers come into the docks. It looked like they were broken into groups led by a tour guide. On our walk back to the hotel, we saw buses also coming in. We remarked that were glad that we had not stayed in Castries, where the cruise boats docked.

We checked out, finished our packing and then had lunch at the Hummingbird. Captain Peter was waiting outside for our ride to the airport. Dolora and I think he’s freelancing. He kept telling us we should recommend him to others but had no business card?? Anyway, the prices seemed okay and we had private tours. The ride to the airport was pretty uneventful.

The airport is small, eight gates, a couple stores and a small food court. We used up our remaining East Caribbean Dollars on frozen coffees and candy bars. The flight in was on time so we left on time. Extra seats on the plane so we had three seats to share for the two of us. Immigration was backed up in Atlanta but not enough to matter. We had no trouble making our connecting flight home. Better to get delayed after landing in Atlanta than after landing in DC.

Got into Washington Dulles after midnight and were home before one thirty. Fifty degrees is not too bad a welcome. Certainly enjoyed St. Lucia. Not sure what is next?

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