2020 St. Lucia – Day Four – Botanical Gardens

Friday, 14 February

On Wednesday, Dolora and I had walked by the entrance to Diamond Falls and Botanical Gardens. Today, we decided to take a walk there and tour the gardens. After breakfast, we took about a thirty minute stroll to the gardens. On the way, we were treated to a parade of preschoolers dressed in red and white for Valentine’s Day. We spent over an hour walking the paths and reading the information signs at the gardens. I learned the coconut palms are not native and were imported from Polynesia. The cocoa trees are not native either. Lots of beautiful flowers, mostly non native, imported for the gardens.

Diamond Falls is about fifty feet high and is also warmed by the volcano. Unlike, Piton Falls, no swimming, only photos. It is still an impressive setting. Then it was back to town for lunch at the Seaview Creole restaurant. Dolora went for the catch of the day, tuna, while I tried the National Dish, green figs and salt fish. Food was good but not my favorite. To my taste buds, most of the fruits and vegetables that are cooked seem the consistency of roast potatoes. I think it could use a little seasoning.

Back to the room, time at the pool and on the deck before Valentine’s Day dinner at Orlando’s again tonight. The food was excellent last night and their Valentine’s menu is much more reasonable than that at our hotel.

Dinner was as good as last night. Our soups, salads and appetizers were the same so we did not have to share those. Entrees and desserts were different, so we tasted each other’s. When dinner was done, i asked if they made cocoa tea, a specially in St. Lucia but usually made in the morning. The waitress said no but the chef, who we had met several times, overheard us and cane out. She said she would make it for us and a few minutes later we were sipping cocoa tea. The tea is made with grated cocoa, from a stick, cinnamon, vanilla, water and milk. It was very tasty but not overly sweet like our hot chocolate. That made for a nice ending to our Valentine’s dinner.

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