2020 St. Lucia – Day Three – The Mud Baths

Thursday, 13 February

Awoke to some on and off showers this morning. Hummingbirds were back while I enjoyed coffee on the deck. Dolora and I enjoyed eggs for breakfast then relaxed for a little on the deck.
It was off to meet Captain Peter near the bus station. Our tour included a stop for photos of Soufrieres, the drive through volcano, mud baths, a short hike to a waterfall, ending with lunch in town. Captain Peter waited thirty minutes for another couple who failed to show so we had the tour to ourselves. Our first stop was a scenic overlook back to Soufrieres. Dolora picked up a Christmas ornament as a souvenir. Next up was the volcano. St.Lucia is a volcanic island. It has been a couple of hundred years since an eruption. The drive through volcano is an area where the caldera caved in. There are several boiling pools of sulfur water that run off into the mud baths. There is a smell of sulfur but the breezes seem to keep it under control.

From there, it was down to the mud baths. First a soak in one of the pools, smear yourself with mud from the volcano, let the mud dry and then back to scrub the mud off. The water was nice and warm with white and black mud to cover yourself. Each mud is supposed to be good for different ailments. Also, the mud makes you look younger!

Next stop was Piton Falls. Captain Peter pointed out many of the different plants and trees; cashews, almonds, breadfruit, mangoes, papaya. After our shower in the thermal falls Captain Peter opened a coconut and we had some coconut water and meat.

A late lunch at a local spot, The Yard, was tasty. Grilled pork for me, grilled chicken for Dolora. Included was healthy serving of different sides. Not sure what I was eating but it was all delicious. There was a small side of politics with Captain Peter. It seems universally, people are concerned with health care.

Some more time on the deck and at the pool before dinner at a highly rated restaurant, Orlando’s.
After a short call with Greg, a five minute walk to Orlando’s. There was a choice between two, five course meals. Dolora chose the chicken and fish for me. We shared each course. I thought i made the better choice. The meal was excellent, living up to the reviews. We may stop by again.
Tonight,there is recorded music being played in the park that borders the hotel. Relaxing on the deck listening to the music and the ocean.

2020 St.Lucia Album

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