2020 St. Lucia – Day Six – Sugar Beach

Sunday, 16 February

After breakfast and a visit to the ATM, Dolora and I met Captain Peter. We took a water taxi to Sugar Beach after a ride to see the “bat cave”. The cave is a large vertical slit in one of the nearby cliffs. You could see dozens of fruit bats flying around at the top of the cave. We were told that they swarm out at dusk and back in the morning.

Sugar Beach is white sand. Since St. Lucia is a volcanic island, the beaches are naturally gray. The sand at Sugar Beach is imported! The beach has the best snorkeling on the island. We spent the morning snorkeling and then had lunch there. After a short water taxi ride back, it was more time at the pool. There were showers on and off all day.

We had dinner at our hotel, The Hummingbird. Tomorrow is our last full day. We plan to lounge about and get lunch and dinner in town.

2020 St.Lucia Album

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