2021 Appalachian Trail – Day Four – Knife’s Edge

Wednesday, 21 April

Destination: Bake Oven Knob Shelter (1,252.4)Today’s Miles: 10.0
Start Location: Allentown Hiking Club Shelter (1,242.4) 32.8

Last privy note for this trip. The cedar scent at the Allentown Hiking Club Shelter was from mothballs. This had the added benefit of no spiders in the privy. No other hikers stayed near there shelter. We only saw one other hiker looking for the spring.

With some rain in the forecast, Bob and I were out before 7:30. Trying to get over Knife’s Edge while the rocks were dry. The day started off with about six and a half miles of dirt road. Very little elevation change so we made good time. The rocks started about a half mile before Knife’s Edge to get us warmed up. Knife’s Edge was about a quarter mile of treacherous rock climbing. As the name infers you are on the top of a rock ledge two to eight feet wide with steep drop offs to your left and right. It was slow going for us two old men.

After the adrenaline rush of crossing it was time for lunch. As we finished up lunch the wind kicked up with the front coming through. Temperature was dropping. We were glad not to cross Knife’s Edge with strong winds. More rocks but not as dangerous for the next half mile.

As soon as we crossed Bake Oven Knob Road the graffiti and trash started. A mess for the half mile to the Knob. There was another mile or so of rock hopping before the trail became easier. Bob and I got to Bake Oven Knob Shelter before two for a ten mile day.

There was a short bit of rain while we sat in the shelter and discussed our plans. The shelter is old and not too nice. Campsites are unimpressive. The temperature tonight is supposed to hit freezing. Final decision is to stay in the shelter. We have had only one other hiker camp near us in three nights so we expect to be alone. Packing tents up in the cold with gloves isn’t fun. Hence the shelter for tonight.

Tomorrow is supposed to be cold but dry. Plan is to get hiking early for the seven miles to the truck. The Port Clinton Hotel is next to the parking lot where we have to pick up Bob’s car. There are cheeseburgers waiting for us…

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  1. Diane says:

    Enjoy the day, but keep focusing on those cheeseburgers!😁

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