2021 Appalachian Trail – Day Three – Allentown Hiking Club Shelter

Tuesday, 20 April

Destination: Allentown Hiking Club Shelter (1,242.4)Today’s Miles: 6.9
Start Location: Creek & Campsite (1,235.5)

Apologies for another privy pic. This one smells like cedar and has a flush handle, all for effect since there is no water. Allentown Hiking Club Shelter for tonight.

Dry, cool night. Had coffee and breakfast then Bob and I were hiking before eight. Started the day with a climb as usual, 1,000 feet over the first two and a half miles to Dan’s Pulpit. Great views. After we were on the ridge and the miserable rocky trail, the climb seemed like the easier part of the day. Rocksylvania lived up to it’s reputation today. A mile or two from the shelter we met a day hiker who let us know the spring was running well. That was helpful since the guide lists it as intermittent. With just under seven miles for the day, we were into Allentown Hiking Club Shelter a little after one. It’s a beautiful shelter with nice campsites and a clean privy.

We relaxed for a bit and set up our tents. Then down to the spring for water and to wash up. The hiker who had camped near us last night was at the spring. Taking advantage of the early finish, we did some planning for our next outing.

Another nice day for hiking, the warmest so far and mostly sunny. Tomorrow’s forecast is for some rain. Plan is for ten miles to the next shelter.

Good cell service so this will get posted early and after dinner notes in tomorrow’s update.

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  1. Dolora says:

    Nice view at your lunch stop Are you seeing any animals. I saw a snake on my walk the other day it was gray in color and not black about 3 ft long. I changed directions

  2. Diane says:

    The weather was great today. Glad you got to enjoy it. I might not be hiking with you, but I did get to see a four hundred pound black bear on my front porch last night! I didn’t have to travel far for that adventure. 😁
    Have a nice day tomorrow.

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