2021 Appalachian Trail III – Day Three – Horse Shoe Trail Campsite

Tuesday, 5 October

Destination: Horse Shoe Trail CampsiteToday’s Miles: 10.0
Start Location: Peters Mountain Shelter 21.6

Last night just before sundown a hiker came to the shelter. He went down for water and it was dark when he came back up. He is from Asheville and started his hike in June from Maine. He stayed in the shelter with Bob and I. Not really a problem since the shelter sleeps 16. There was some rain overnight but it had stopped in the morning.

Bob and I were out at 8:30 for a ten mile day. The weather has stayed overcast and humid. Temperatures have been okay but it would really be pleasant with a little less humidity. We have hardly had any breeze in three days. The morning was uneventful only seeing a group of six or eight guys together day hiking.

The afternoon took us down to a road and then a long uphill climb. Since there is no water at our campsite, we carried extra water the last two miles. The campsite is under some pines with a fire ring and some nice stone seats with backs.

It is cooling off tonight. A couple passed by heading south after we stopped. Bob and I got a nice fire going before dinner even with the damp wood. Sitting around a blazing fire before crawling into our tents.

Tomorrow is a little shorter day to the next shelter. Hoping for no rain tonight.

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  1. Diane says:

    Glad to hear you’re doing another hike at this time of the year. Lost of planning. Unlike me. Bernie and I are back at Lori’s beach house. I did two nice walks today. Actually, no planning needed. 😁

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