2021 Appalachian Trail III – Day Two – Peters Mountain Shelter

Monday, 4 October

Destination: Peters Mountain ShelterToday’s Miles: 6.7
Start Location: Clarks Ferry Shelter 11.6

Bob and I awoke to a very light rain. It did not last long but we took our time making coffee, eating breakfast and packing. Since we stayed in the shelter, no wet tents to pack.

We started hiking about 9:30. Some ups and downs but nothing steep. A few Pennsylvania rocks but nothing like further north. We stopped for lunch in a parking lot after crossing a bridge over a road. We saw our first backpacker of the day. The weather continues to be a little warmer than we would like but still comfortable.

There was a backpacking couple when we arrived at the Peters Mountain Shelter at 2:30. The shelter is a double decker with the picnic table inside. Really nice. There are stinkbugs everywhere and we saw our first spotted lantern fly since getting into the woods.

The spring is two tenths of a mile down the mountain from the shelter. The sign says 300 steps, and yes, I counted them on the way back. Three hundred rock steps, not stairs, different heights and widths. At least the spring was cold and running well. Another backpacker stopped for water at the spring, turns out he is from the same town as Bob.

No flat tent sites so it looks like the shelter tonight. We have a longer day tomorrow so we hope to get a little earlier start.

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  1. Dolora says:

    Where is the painted rock picture?

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