2022 Appalachian Trail I – Day Eight – On the Eighth Day They Rested

Wednesday, 25 May

Destination: Deckertown Turnpike (1334.5)Today’s Miles: 6.0
Start Location: Gren Anderson Shelter (1328.5) 74.0

Last night five other hikers came into the campsite above the shelter. An additional three hikers camped near the shelter. Bob and I seem to have about 6-10 hikers, thru hikers, flip floppers, and long section hikers, when we camp in sites that have bear boxes. Weekends are much busier and we are expecting a crowd for Memorial Day weekend.

Bob and I were up early and hiking at seven. We had six miles to meet a high school friend, Joe, for an evening of friendship, food and drink. In the first couple of miles was Sunrise Mountain with a big stone pavilion. We were a little late for sunrise but the views were fantastic. Mashipacong Shelter was a nice place for a break since we were early and it was close to our pickup point at Deckertown Turnpike. We called Joe and found out he would be right on time at eleven.

Bob and I met Joe and headed towards his house after a stop at Brick and Brew for a huge cheeseburger with a cold beverage. Ahhh! Then to Joe’s house for a shower and laundry. We had mailed food for our next section to Joe. We took the time to organize our gear and I found the leak in my sleep pad and repaired it. After relaxing for a while it was time for dinner at Grasshopper Irish Pub. Joe made a comment when our food was being delivered that no one would have expected three guys to all be eating salads but after the big lunch salads hit the spot.

Back to Joe’s to relax and a little TV before sacking out.

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  1. Diane says:

    Wow, look at that burger!
    Love the picture of you by those rocks. Beautiful scenery.

  2. Dolora says:

    I know you can’t resist a picture of a privy

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