2022 Appalachian Trail I – Day Eleven – Stairway to Heaven (Hell)

Saturday, 28 May

Destination: Wawayanda Shelter (1365.4)Today’s Miles: 11.6
Start Location: Pochuck Shelter (1353.8) 104.9

There was a steady rain overnight that finally stopped in time for breakfast but Bob and I packed wet tents. The nice trail yesterday was balanced by the rocks at the start today and light rain. We planned to cross a road near Mitch’s Roadside Cafe which listed it as a hot dog stand in our guide. After crossing a mile long boardwalk we arrived at Mitch’s, alas it was closed.

Our food treat planning is not going too well. But Heaven Hill Farm and Garden Center had no hot dogs but frozen burritos, cold iced teas and poppyseed rolls. As we sat eating our lunch, we could see the clouds rolling in. The weather radar showed a thunderstorm on the way. As we left a light rain started. There was a 900 foot climb up Stairway to Heaven. A few flashes of lightning but no hard downpour. The wet rock stairs were treacherous and we still had three and a half miles to the shelter. After that it was muddy.

Finally the rain stopped and Bob and I arrived at Wawayanda Shelter (say that three times fast) after passing a few more bunches of Lady’s Slippers to find the tentsites crowded with Scouts and the shelter occupied. We went up the trail a bit and found a flat spot for our tents. We are hoping to dry out a bit tonight.

We are not camping in a designated area so I hope we have no problem. Instead of using the bear box, we are hanging our food.

Today we passed 100 miles and tomorrow we will be leaving New Jersey for good. Weather should be dry tomorrow. We head into Greenwood Lake for resupply. There are several restaurants in town but we are careful not to get our hopes up.

Today was the first day that bugs were a problem and we needed insect repellent. I have a couple bites and Bob has none. I think I am sweeter than him…

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  1. Diane says:

    I always said you were my sweet cousin.😂

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