2022 Appalachian Trail I – Day Ten – Take It Easy

Friday, 27 May

Destination: Pochuck Mountain Shelter (1341.5)Today’s Miles: 12.3
Start Location: High Point Shelter (1341.5) 93.3

The overnight temperature only dropped to 60 but the sound of the streams made for good sleeping. Bob and I awoke to a few more tents. Probably around a dozen hikers in and near the shelter. My sleeping pad repair seems to have worked. I did not lose any air overnight.

Bob and I were out early today. There is a chance of thunderstorms and there will be many more hikers for the holiday weekend. We wanted a good tentsite early. Today’s twelve miles were the nicest I can remember. After finishing with a rocky four miles yesterday, rocks were minimal today. The day was humid and near 80. The last few days we have seen many stone fences that were probably old property lines. Today’s hike included a short section of road walk and a couple miles through the edge of hay fields. Lots of water. We walked several miles in Waykill National Wildlife Refuge, a huge wetlands. Total ascent for the day was over 1,600 feet and it felt like half was in the last mile.

Today we crossed into New York state. Another day or two hiking back and forth before leaving New Jersey behind for good.

Bob and I finally saw a turkey after hearing them a few times. We saw another deer and have been hearing woodpeckers each morning.

Somewhere around 10% or so of the solo hikers are women. Most are college age but a few are all old as us. Generally the trail is considered safe. For all our comments and pics about bears, the most danger on the trail is ticks. We spray our clothes with tick repellent and check ourselves every day.

Bob and I got to our campsite around 2:00. We set up tents, rested then checked out the shelter. A pair of hammocks are nearby and there is a couple in the shelter. Bob had the excellent idea of setting up our stoves to boil water for our dinner as soon as we saw the first raindrops. Rain looked like he it would start about the time we usually make dinner, 5:00. That worked out perfectly. The water only takes about two minutes to heat. About 4:45 was the first drop. We added the water to the dehydrated meal and headed for our tents to eat in dry comfort. It rained for about an hour with no thunder. Bob put our food in the bear box for the night. Now time to relax and read before going to sleep at dark.

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  1. Nicole Klisch says:

    Aren’t these green fields and the open landscape with all these flowers a treat? You even found one of my little orange friends! 🤩😄 I cross my fingers for you that you will have good weather and quiet places to camp. 🤞

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