2022 Appalachian Trail I – Day Five – Mohican Outdoor Center

Sunday, 22 May

Destination: Mohican Outdoor Center (1307.5)Today’s Miles: 5.8
Start Location: Backpacker Campsite (1301.7) 47.0

You can always tell when the weekend arrives because there are lots more hikers out. There were probably 25-50 campers last night including a Boy Scout troop.

Bob went for a walk down one of the side trails and found another camping area with bear boxes and a privy. The sites may have been nicer but he did not check since we were all set up.

The forecast was for no rain overnight so Bob and I took the rain flys of our tents. It only dropped to 63 overnight and was 68 when we woke up. The whip-or-wills were out last night. They have have loud calls and called all night.

The guide book does not list a privy at the Backpacker Campsite but the app correctly lists two. The privy has a sign that it was built with a grant from L.L. Bean. When I got back I told Bob that I had the idea if he passed away before me I would donate money so a privy could be built in his name. Bob’s comment was “Will you be able to remember that when you are that old?”

We started hiking before seven and shortly came to Sunfish Pond, a natural glacial lake. The water was clear and the lake scenic. Since we dry camped last night, Bob and I stopped for water at the pond outlet. The shoreline was rocky but the views were worth it. It was 78 by ten am.

Today’s hike was only 5.8 miles to Mohican Outdoor Center plus 0.3 miles off trail where we are staying in the air conditioned bunkhouse. We arrived about 10:30 checked in and had lunch. The bunkhouse was not ready until 2:30. There is a large lodge where Bob and I were able to wait. We figured out our next resupply and bought enough food to get us there. There was a menu for local pizza delivery that Bob checked out. They were not busy and said they would deliver. There was a little question of meeting at the entrance or driving up the gravel road. We were hopeful for pizza delivery later.

At 2:30 we were given the keys to Blueberry Hill Lodge room 201. The bunkhouse is spectacular. Four rooms with four bunks in each. Two full baths with showers and a half bath, a huge kitchen and a large central room with a fireplace and couches. Bob and I share one room. Two couples are in two other rooms and two hikers in the fourth. Everyone hit to the showers. I did my laundry in the sink and hung it on a line outside.

Bob and I have camped with one of the couples the last two nights. We planned to combine our pizza order. One of the hikers and the other couple overheard us and we added them to our order. Hopes were up as Bob and I walked down to the lodge for cell service to place the order. Jackpot! An hour later we were splitting a pepperoni and mushroom pizza in air conditioned comfort.

The thunderstorm in the forecast never made it. It rained for about five minutes. Hopefully it still cools tomorrow. Our plan is to hike about ten miles tomorrow. We need to wait until the center opens so we can get sandwiches to have for lunch and dinner. It will be nice to start fresh with clean clothes at least for the first half hour.

No internet last night so this is posted the next day.

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  1. Dolora says:

    Hostel is pretty fancy, does anyone in the group have a trail name

  2. Diane says:

    The lodge was stunning and the food looked delicious. A little out of your norm. 😊

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