2022 Appalachian Trail I – Day Four – Welcome To The Garden State

Saturday, 21 May

Destination:  Backpacker Campsite (1301.7)Today’s Miles: 11.2
Start Location: Kirkridge Shelter (1290.5) 41.2

It was a comfortable 63 when Bob and I woke but the mist was quite thick. Along with three hikers from our last campsite an older gentleman who was thru hiking from Georgia joined us in the shelter. There was plenty of room. Everyone was up early. We noticed five tents that had been set up behind the shelter last night. As we were getting ready to leave the shelter at seven, one of the other hikers asked if that was our notebook. Turns out it was Bob’s Kindle! We almost left without it. Saved me hearing about it for three weeks.

So we had one of those dreaded gaps on today’s plan, Delaware Water Gap. This gap had it’s penalties and rewards. We arrived in Delaware Water Gap at 10:30. The trail goes right through town and there was the Castle Inn with Zoe’s Ice Cream front and center. They served food as well as ice cream. We each had an Italian cheese steak and soda. Bob finished with a root beer float and it was a scoop of coffee ice cream for me. Quite the treat.

So now it was time to pay. The temperature is up to 86 and we have about a two mile road walk that includes crossing the Delaware River on the I80 bridge before starting a 1,000 foot ascent. On the middle of the bridge is a sign showing the PA/NJ border. A new state for us. We hoped to say goodbye to the Pennsylvania rocks but rumor is they stay with us for a while.

Along the way to the campsite we met our thru hiker from last night. We took his photo at the 1,300 mile marker and he took our photo. Thirteen hundred miles of the AT for me so far.

There is no water at the campsite so we stopped at Holly Spring for water and took the opportunity to wash up and soak our shirts for the last one and a half miles to camp.

New Jersey makes you stay in designated sites. Bob and I are at the Backpacker Campsite. Nice tent sites, bear boxes to store your food overnight but no water, but a privy. We arrived about 2:30 and dried out our remaining camp items. It is going to be really warm tonight but dry.

Tomorrow’s hike is about seven miles to Mohican Outdoor Center where we hope to do laundry, get showers and resupply. Forecast is as warm as today.

My reports on total ascent each day have had a little glitch. My watch GPS does all that for me. I did not plan well and let the battery die. I thought I charged it last night but it looks like the battery pack cable connector is a bit finicky. I have it figured out and the full report sound 5 return tomorrow.

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  1. Diane says:

    Great pictures.
    The coffee ice cream sounds like a treat.

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