2022 Appalachian Trail I – Day Eighteen – Pizza Delivery

Saturday, 4 June

Destination: Dennytown Road Campsite (1422.0)Today’s Miles: 8.2
Start Location: Graymoor Spiritual Life Center (1413.9)61.5

Bob and I had three other tents on the ballfield last night. The Tennessee gal flip flopping, a couple and a solo guy. A small animal was into the nearby trash last night, I heard some cans rattling and shined the light over there. It was not a bear so I went back to sleep. We heard turkeys gobbling before we got our of our tents to a beautifully sunny morning. Low was about 53 and made for great sleeping.

Even though Bob and I were planning a leisurely day we started at 7:30. First stop was the 911 Memorial on the Franciscan grounds. After 0.4 miles we were back to the AT. Mileage on side trails to views, campsites and shelters is not included in our mileage totals, only AT miles. Sometimes the side trails can add over a mile to the day’s hike.

Today’s hike was an easy path except for the last couple miles which were a little rocky. We have watched the blueberries go from blooms to unripe berries with the big question being “Will they get ripe before we finish?” Good news would be ripe blueberries, bad news would be picking berries slowing us down.

Bob and I passed some historical markers and the foundation of an old barn where George Washington had an inoculation station to inoculate his troops for smallpox in 1779. We did not see as many day hikers as we expected on this sunny day.

Our campsite tonight is in a state park near a group camping area. We have water, a trash bin and porta potty near. The site is next to the road and a parking lot so it will be busy until dark.

Even before his tent was set up, Bob was checking Google maps and trying to find pizza delivery. He found a local place that delivers. Since our resupply was at a roadside market, dinner is instant mashed potatoes plus whatever meat were have. Somehow Bob was more interested in pizza?

Sausage, mushroom and pepper pizza for dinner. Who would think they deliver to a parking lot in a state park. It was a good idea. Bob saved a slice for breakfast.

Another two thru hikers here tonight. Chewy, from near me in Virginia, and another guy in a hammock. A day hiker, Brian, stopped by offering cold drinks, fruit, and Oreos. Since Bob and I already had pizza and soda, we only took some Oreos for dessert.

Looks like shorter another cool, dry night perfect for sleeping. Tomorrow’s miles are a little longer but rumor is that this shelter has Chinese and Italian delivery. Real food is a great treat after hiking 6-8 hours and there is no reason to suffer. We take advantage of it when we are able.

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  1. Nicole Klisch says:

    I like those woods everywhere and up to the horizon… ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜€
    Also the Pizza looks good๐Ÿ˜‹

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