2022 Appalachian Trail I – Day Nineteen – Ralph’s Peak Hikers’ Shelter

Sunday, 5 June

Destination:  Ralph’s Peak Hikers’ Shelter (1432.7)Today’s Miles: 10.7
Start Location: Dennytown Road Campsite (1422.0) 172.2

At our campsite last night near the parking lot a second trail angel appeared. In addition to Brian, a second person offered to drive any hikers to Walmart. Things like this make you think that there may still be hope for humanity.

A group of campers got out of their car in the parking lot and set up four tents. They were talking after ten. Hiker midnight is usually when it gets dark so these campers kept the long distance hikers awake past our bedtime.

The temperature dropped to 47 overnight which made for great sleeping in spite of the snoring of one of the campers. Bob and I were up at 5:30. The campsite is in the open so it was bright early. We were hiking at 6:30 in the cool sunny morning.

There was a sidetrail to Canopus Lake when there was swimming, a new shelter and concessions. A woman pointed us to concessions and told us they opened at ten. Since it was five after ten we headed over. Ice cream, a hot dog for me cheeseburger for Bob and we were back on the sidetrail. The new hiker shelter is nice but there is no water or privy near.

Along the trail was a little sign with a “Telephone of the Wind”. The sign said it was a place of comfort for those who grieve. The phone is not connected to anything and there were some details about the Japanese creator of this idea.

We arrived at Ralphs Peak Hikers’ Shelter before two. It is a unique shelter, a cinder block cabin with one wall removed. There are several picnic tables, a bunch of chairs, a chaise and bunks inside. Pizza or Chinese can be delivered but Bob and I are tired of pizza so we lightened our packs and make dinner tonight.

The maintenance crew for the shelter showed up, three men, a lady and a dog. Sort of a gathering spot for them at the end of the day. A few thru hikers dropped by and then left. There is a couple staying in the shelter tonight and a few hikers in tents.

So tomorrow there is another deli a half mile off the trail??? Bob and I would get there between breakfast and lunch so our first thought was to pass it by. But then we thought about getting a sub with half for lunch and half for dinner. I will have a Clif bar for breakfast and mashed potatoes with Spam for dinner if we do not stop. We will decide tomorrow but I know which way I am leaning. Bob already checked the elevation profile for tomorrow and said it does not look bad so that makes for faster hiking. Any bets on what we will do?

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  1. Diane says:

    I enjoyed reading about The Telephone of the Wind.
    And I laughed seeing the legs coming through the ceiling!

  2. Nicole Klisch says:

    Yes! The chaises look very comfortable😁
    and I think I I could guess (considering the blog history) how your decision about that deli will look like… ☺️

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