2022 Appalachian Trail I – Day Twenty – The Deli

Monday, 6 June

Destination: Small Stream Campsite (1444.5)Today’s Miles: 11.8
Start Location: RPH Shelter (1432.7) 184.0

The “Deli States” live up to their reputation. More later.

The trail crew that stopped by in the evening were discussing the 500 pound rock then had dug up were going to use for a step. Thanks to all work of the crews we have nice trails.

The woman half of the couple that stayed in the shelter last night is an author and is doing research for a book that includes an Appalachian Trail hiker. Bob and I never got her name – she could have been a famous author! We did give her and her husband a lesson on the proper way to bear bag, hanging your food from a tree.

Bob and I awoke to a cool morning. The overnight low was 47, good sleeping but the tents were covered in dew so we packed wet tents. We were hiking by 7:15.

The highlight of the day was a large oak tree that has a diameter of over six feet. Tomorrow we will see one even larger, the Dover Oak.

Surprise! Bob and I decided a stop at the deli would be a good idea even though the round trip added a mile to our day. Subs for lunch and dinner, ice cream, cold iced tea and a few items for resupply.

Our plan was to stay at Morgan Stewart Shelter tonight. Because of the weather forecast Bob and I have updated our plan. Forecast is for rain tomorrow night and we planned to tent behind a deli. Really! It is sometimes nice to stay in a shelter if there is a lot of rain. We hiked an extra three miles to camp near a stream so we can either stay in a shelter tomorrow or camp near it. Our decision will depend on the updated forecast.

No one else here tonight. We set up camp, washed up in the stream and enjoyed our subs. After we hung our food we crawled in our tents to relax and hide from the bugs.

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  1. Diane says:

    That’s a great picture of you by the oak tree!

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