2022 Appalachian Trail II – Day 10 – Hikers Welcome Hostel

Thursday, 25 August

Destination: Hikers Welcome Hostel (1795.4)Today’s Miles: 9.5
Start Location: The Notch (1804.9) 60.1

Wedding Walker and I had a full bunk room last night. A mother and her three daughters who started in Georgia, a woman with her dog and a solo guy. The dog was well behaved and slept in a crate.

We were up early so we could have breakfast and catch the seven o’clock shuttle to Kinsman Notch for a fun climb. The weather was sunny and seventy. Up, up, up we went following a waterfall at the start. There were wooden steps attached to the boulders, steps cut into the boulders and rebar handrails in spots. Quite the challenge. When we arrived near tree line, the fog rolled in. It was sixty and windy at the top of Mount Moosilauke. At 4,800 feet this is our last 4,000 footer for this trip. I am not exactly heartbroken. It was a long, less steep, but rocky descent. The last two miles of our nine mile day were pleasant. We even walked through some open fields.

Tonight WW and I are at Hikers Welcome Hostel. It is not quite the same luxurious accommodations as the last hostel. The shower, flush toilet, washer and dryer are all outside. The bunk rooms are much more rustic. We picked up boxes with our tents, sleeping pads, stove and food. Packs gained about ten pounds.

So New Hampshire and Vermont are in the midst of a drought but WW and I have seen three inches of rain in one day and had several other rainy days. Tomorrow afternoon and evening forecast is for more thunderstorms. We have decided to slack pack. Slack packing means carry packs with only snacks, lunch, rain gear, water filter and first aid kit meaning a very light pack. We will get a ride and hike ten miles back to the hostel to sleep in a dry bunk.

The five o’clock shuttle was to Apple Knockers General Store. A deli, pizza, convenience store, hardware store and more. WW and I split a pizza with half left for dinner tomorrow night.

Hoping the thunderstorms hold off until tomorrow afternoon.

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