2022 Appalachian Trail II – Day 9 – The Notch

Wednesday, 24 August

Destination: The Notch Hostel (1821.3)Today’s Miles: 0.0
Start Location: The Notch Hostel (1821.3) 50.6

A steady rain was falling at seven when Wedding Walker and I got up. After we watched the seven o’clock shuttle leave we went up for breakfast, bagel with cream cheese and yogurt for me. The hostel has coffee brewing.

The rain tapered off and stopped. WW and I talked about borrowing loaner bikes for a two mile ride to town for lunch. Burgers at the Woodstock Inn Brewery were delicious. We refrained from the brewed items since the ride back was uphill. Seating was outside amongst the flowers with Monarch butterflies and bees. As we finished up our lunch a light rain started for the ride back to the hostel. It rained all the way back soaking us. Thank goodness for hiker loaner clothes allowing us get dry again.

WW and I spent the afternoon looking at our upcoming plan and chatting with other hikers. We both wished we had written down an inventory of our food in the drop we will pick up at Hikers Welcome Hostel. That is tomorrow night and when we will pick up our tents, sleeping pad and stove.

There is no easy stop for showers and laundry except in Hanover, New Hampshire, home of Dartmouth. Prices are a little steep and we really do not need a four star hotel. Hopefully the recent rains will help our water supplies and we will be able to wash ourselves and rinse clothes.

Tomorrow starts with a climb up Mount Mossilauke a 3,000 foot climb to 4,800 feet. The rain this morning and at noon make today’s zero seem like a good idea. The climb includes some ladders and bars which would not be fun wet.

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