2022 Appalachian Trail II – Day 12 –  Smarts Tenting

Saturday, 27 August

Destination: Smarts Tenting (1775.4)Today’s Miles: 10.3
Start Location: NH Route 25A (1785.4) 80.1

Wedding Walker and I woke to a cool morning with sunshine. We were not able to get a shuttle until after eight. We did not have to rush and enjoyed coffee and took our time packing.

We took the shuttle with two other southbound hikers. The start to our day was a 2,000 foot ascent of Mount Cube. There were some rocky stretches at the top. Next was a 1,400 foot descent and then back up Smarts Mountain. In all we ascended over 4,000 feet in our ten miles. After passing the fire tower we were happy to see the tenting area. WW and I are camped at over 3,200 feet and it is cooling quickly. Should be great sleeping weather.

Today was the first day with heavy packs since we added our tents, sleeping pads and stove. We also had to carry water here since it is a dry camp. Also our first night to cook dinner. We have not been skimping on good food opportunities when we have them. We still do the miles.

Tomorrow will be a little longer day with less ascent. Another night camping, then our last hostel before two more nights camping. Hope the weather holds out. My knees are doing okay with less rocks.

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