2022 Appalachian Trail II – Day 13 –  Moose Mountain Shelter

Sunday, 28 August

Destination: Moose Mountain Shelter (1763.1)Today’s Miles: 12.4
Start Location: Smarts Tenting (1775.4) 92.5

Wedding Walker and I had a nice cool night down to 50. WW was up early to see sunrise from the fire tower. He was up there last night to see sunset. There are no views from the base of the tower and a nice view does not overcome my fear of heights so I did not climb the tower.

Water is an issue with the drought. Most of the water sources listed in the guide are dry. WW and I had a dry camp last night but we knew there was water in four downhill miles. We did not want to carry water up 1,000 feet then down 1,000 feet and up another 1,000 feet to our campsite. Water weighs two pounds per liter so it is heavy.

There were rumors that someone was leaving jugs of water at Goose Pond Road before our final ascent of the day. A couple of northbound hikers verified that there was water there!

WW and I arrived at the road and met a trail angel, Chuck, 84, who was filling water jugs. Before we even had our packs off Chuck handed us a cold Pepsi. We chatted with Chuck and some other hikers before heading up Moose Mountain. It was a warm afternoon, 70.

Today was our longest day, twelve miles with ascent of 3,200 feet. The ascent is tougher than the miles especially in warm weather. We have a couple of longer days to finish the trip coming up.

Tomorrow we will stay at our last hostel in Hanover. Showers and clean clothes. The AT goes right through Hanover, NH and Norwich, VT on the other side of the Connecticut River.

Photos will be updated tomorrow.

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