2022 Appalachian Trail II – Day 14 – Every State

Monday, 29 August

Destination: Hanover Adventure Tours Hostel (1750.6)Today’s Miles: 12.5
Start Location: Moose Mountain Shelter (1763.1) 105.5

Today Wedding Walker and I crossed into Vermont. I have now hiked a portion a the AT in every state. Only about a mile in Massachusetts and about there in Maine but I have touched the trail in every state. Georgia, North Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine!

With the warm weather today WW and I decided to get an early start and try to make Hanover by noon. WW has been talking about a restaurant, Lou’s Restaurant and Bakery, since we started our hike and I was anxious to see if it was as good as advertised.

Our twelve miles today only had 1,600 feet of ascent but there were a few steep ups and downs in the heat. After seeing a large puddle that we thought might be our water source for the day we came to Mink Brook which had a small flow. It was hot and we cameled up. Drink lots of water before moving again. There were walks through a few fields as we neared Hanover.

Hanover is the home of Dartmouth College. For days northbound thru hikers have been telling us that for $15 you can go to the Dartmouth cafeteria and have lunch and stay through dinner, all you can eat. That was a little much for us so we headed to Lou’s about 12:30 and I had a Ruben. A club sandwich for WW.

Trying to add a few miles today and save them tomorrow we crossed the Connecticut River into Vermont. It was a hot, 85 degree, road walk in the sun. We stopped at a general store and set our pick up time for Hanover Adventure Tours Hostel.

At the hostel it was time for showers and laundry. Unfortunately the semi private room has four beds. To make up for the good lunch – a frozen pizza for dinner. Bonus – your first pint of ice cream is only one dollar. So ice cream for dessert.

The hostel shuttle does not start until nine so we made arrangements with another driver to pick us up at 6:30 so we can get some early miles in. Tomorrow is forecast to be ninety degrees and we need to hike thirteen miles.

Photos should be up for the last few days. You need to page back. Probably no more photos until Thursday.

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