2022 Appalachian Trail II – Day 15 –  Better Timing

Tuesday, 30 August

Destination: Thistle Hill Shelter (1737.5)Today’s Miles: 13.1
Start Location: Hanover Adventure Tours Hostel (1750.6) 118.1

Wedding Walker and I made arrangements for a 6:30 shuttle. Digger and Sidequest, two southbound hikers, we met also shared the shuttle. After a breakfast of eggs  pancakes and coffee we were dropped off. The temperature was already seventy. After a one mile uphill roadwalk it was more uphill into the woods. The plan was to get early miles in before it got too hot.

The trail had no technical sections and only a few steep ups and downs. Another roadwalk to West Hartford and we were at Linda’s Blue Barn. Another trail angel who has coffee, soft drinks, fruit and snacks on her porch for hikers. We chatted with Linda and her husband while I had a banana and coffee. We filled our water and were back on a roadwalk crossing the White River.

WW and I were trying to get to Thistle Hill Shelter before the forecast thunderstorms. We got to the shelter about three with no rain yet. By five it was blowing, thundering and pouring. Better timing than the last storm we tried to beat. Sidequest, Digger, WW and I are dry and staying in the shelter tonight. About a half dozen other hikers have stopped by before the rain. Most moved on with one setting up his tent nearby.

A second round of thunderstorms is in as we get close to sunset. The tenter has come over to the shelter for this one.

Tomorrow should be cooler after the rain. WW and I are planning on another early start for a little longer day and our last night on the AT

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