2022 Appalachian Trail II – Day 4 – Zealand Falls

Friday, 19 August

Destination: Zealand Falls Hut (1841.2)Today’s Miles: 9.8
Start Location: Lake of the Clouds Hut (1860.0) 24.7

This is to let you know photos for the last few days are posted. I will try to update today’s journal later today but Internet service is spotty.

Over three inches of rain fell yesterday with continued fog. Hikers that came in talked about how many times they fell and that they thought about calling rescue or turning back. A second day at Lake of the Clouds Hut seemed like a better and better idea.

Wedding Walker and I awoke to sunny skies and continued strong winds. There were another dozen or so hikers sleeping in the dining room. After breakfast at seven we were moving by 7:30. Of course the fog rolled in by then but visibility was still probably two hundred feet. The AT follows the Crawford Path Trail for a bit and it was easy to follow. The first couple of miles remained above tree line and exposed to the wind gusts making it a little chilly. After getting below tree line we were out of the wind but the trail was wet, pretty much a small stream. The question was not whether your feet would get wet but when? And how wet?

A little before noon, after seven miles, we were into Highland Center. Power, WiFi, and a place to relax before the short shuttle ride to Zealand Falls Trail. This will put us back on schedule. The weather is warm and sunny at Crawford Notch.

WW overheard that the trail between two of the huts was impassable yesterday because of the rain so people had to turn back.

I supplemented my lunch with an ice cream sandwich since the opportunity presented itself. WW and I charged phones and batteries before catching the shuttle to the Zealand Falls Trail. A pleasant 2.8 mile trail led to the hut. The hut is right next to the waterfall. This is a small hut with room for thirty six guests. There are at least a dozen children in tonight’s group.

WW and I took time to rinse some clothes and wash in the stream. Our change in schedule has us missing showers.

This is the nicest hut so far. It is a little different than the others. They use hydroelectric to generate power. It should be cool tonight and a nice day for hiking tomorrow.

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    Tell Wedding Wallet I said hi. And he is doing a super job keeping up with you.

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