2022 Appalachian Trail II – Day 5 – A Bear in the Hut?

Saturday, 20 August

Destination: Galehead Hut (1834.2)Today’s Miles: 7.0
Start Location: Zealand Falls Hut (1841.2) 31.7

Last night for the first time in over 1,500 miles of the AT I had to dig out my earplugs. One of the dads from the large group was sent to sleep away from the group because he snores. Boy does he ever. It woke everyone in our section of the bunkhouse. You could hear him even with earplugs. Fortunately it did not last all night.

Zealand Falls Hut was unique in that you had to go outside to the bathroom. An advantage to this was the opportunity to see the stars. The stars were amazing without light pollution. I sat on the steps and just gazed at the stars.

Wedding Walker and I were in no hurry this morning, nice weather and seven miles to Galehead Hut. The temperature was seventy and sunny. Only a little breeze for the short time we were in the alpine zone. We had about 3,000 feet of ascent and the dreaded one mile descent to the hut.

We leap frogged the father children group from last night. They are at this hut tonight before leaving tomorrow. It looks like a full house again tonight. The snorer is in a different room!

Dinner was soup, bread, salad and turkey. You can get spoiled in the huts.

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