2022 Appalachian Trail II – Day 6 – Greenleaf Hut

Sunday, 21 August

Destination: Greenleaf Hut (1827.6)Today’s Miles: 6.6
Start Location: Galehead Hut (1834.2)38.3

Last night’s dessert was chocolate cake. I have been having chocolate withdrawal. I have something chocolate after dinner every night. I did not pack any chocolate for this section of the hike since dinner includes dessert. I did buy a Hershey bar at one hut and some chocolate cake when we got in today.

Wedding Walker and I met three ladies at Galehead Hut who were hiking New Hampshire’s 48. Forty eight summits over 4,000 feet. It seems to be the thing to do here. The trails and huts were really busy this weekend.

The gang with the snorer was with us last night. Fortunately he was in another bunk room. His snoring was so bad that one of the men sharing the room with him went out and slept in the dining room. Our room was pretty quiet.

Breakfast always includes eggs and bacon or sausage and some sort of bread. Today we had blueberry muffins that were more blueberries that batter. Yum!

Today’s hike took us above 5,000 feet into the alpine zone. Temperature was seventy and sunny with a stiff breeze on top. We climbed up a waterfall on the trail. The flow was not too bad. Wedding Walker and I also ran into the hiker carrying Larry the Log. Bob and I had met him in June back in New Jersey. He finished the AT and is now hiking south.

Tonight we are in Greenleaf Hut. It is 1.1 miles downhill off the trail so that is not included in the AT miles. The hut is at 4,205 feet and sleeps 48. Expecting it not to be full since the weekend is over.

We averaged about a mile an hour today. The Whites are the hardest section I have hiked. The ups and downs are always steep and the trail seems to be either rocks or mud. The views have been incredible. Since our zero day the weather has been wonderful. One more night in the huts after tonight.

Temperature this evening is in the sixties but the wind makes it feel much cooler. Chocolate cake again for dessert!

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  1. Rocky:Bob says:

    Larry the log! I love that guy!

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