2022 Appalachian Trail II – Day 17 –  The End

Thursday, 1 September

Destination: The Inn at Long Trail (1707.3)Today’s Miles: 15.3
Start Location: Thistle Hill Shelter (1737.5) 148.3

Wedding Walker and I saved our longest day for last. Last night there was an abundance of stars out. I sat and watched for a short while. I was surprised to hear heavy rain overnight. A bit later the stars were back out. No mice in the cabin!

Today had over 4,500 feet of ascent over fifteen miles. This included one long ascent and even included a ladder. Water was plentiful for a change. Our final destination was the Inn at Long Trail. As we neared the inn we crossed Thunder Falls, beautiful. The half mile side trail to the inn reminded us of New Hampshire, rocks and more rocks on a steep descent.

WW, Digger, Side Quest and I arrived at the inn around three. WW was surprised to see Juice, a hiker he spent time with last year there. After showers, we had dinner and did laundry. Later Digger and Side Quest joined us and we had another dinner and dessert. We cannot continue to eat like that but it was a reward for two plus weeks hiking.

Tomorrow after a hearty breakfast for guests we take a taxi to the Rutland airport for a flight to Boston. To DC for me and Chicago for WW. So ends a great hike with a great partner.

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  1. Liz says:

    Al, Again thanks so much for providing the opportunity to experience the AT through this blog. Do you have your next hike on the calendar yet? How much further do you have to complete the AT. I believe you and Dolora are heading to Ocean City soon – have fun!

    Until your next AT hike, – Liz 😀

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