2022 Appalachian Trail II – Epilogue

15 August – 1 September

Destination: The Inn at Long Trail (1707.3)Today’s Miles: 0.0
Start Location: Pinkham Notch (1874.9) 148.3

The Whites are the most difficult section of the Appalachian Trail that I have completed to date. That is over 1,600 miles from Georgia north. Days of hiking under a mile an hour on steep ups and downs was tough on my knees. The reward for the difficulty is the views. Instead of getting two or three views during a day of hiking, there is one continuous view for hours while above treeline.


  • Best and longest views on the Appalachian Trail
  • Hiking hut to hut allowed for lighter packs
  • Hiking with a partner – Wedding Walker
  • Hostels after Whites provided showers and laundry
  • Hostel shuttles allowed slack packing and opportunity to do a steep climb instead of a steep descent


  • Huts required reservations which locked us into a schedule
  • Huts have no available electricity, showers or laundry
  • Difficult terrain in the Whites

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Garmin Instinct GPS Info

Mileage and ascent for the first day is significantly low. I had set my watch to stop tracking when stopped. Our hiking speed over the difficult terrain was slow enough that the watch thought we were stopped! I reset the watch to not stop tracking when stopped. However, if you look at any day you will see that it only identifies a short time “moving”. Mileage and ascent was still tracked, moving time and stopped time are incorrect.

You can click on any of the numbers in the Day column to see a map and the statistics for that day.

16-AugT1Pinkham NotchMadison Spring Hut3,0974.7
17-AugW2Madison Spring HutLake of the Clouds Hut2,2806.5
18-AugT3Lake of the Clouds HutLake of the Clouds Hut00.0
19-AugF4Lake of the Clouds HutHighland Center6047.1
19-AugF4Zealand TrailZealand Falls Hut6142.8
20-AugS5Zealand Falls HutGalehead Hut2,8416.6
21-AugS6Galehead HutGreenleaf Hut3,3736.9
22-AugM7Greenleaf HutLonesome Lake Hut3,05310.7
23-AugT8Lonesome Lake HutKinsman Notch/Notch Hostel724.1
24-AugW9Notch HostelNotch Hostel00.0
25-AugT10Notch HostelHikers Welcome Hostel3,0559.8
26-AugF11Hikers Welcome HostelNH 25A – Slack2,46710.1
27-AugS12NH 25ASmarts Mountain Shelter4,16010.2
28-AugS13Smarts Mountain ShelterMoose Mountain Shelter3,26112.6
29-AugM14Moose Mountain ShelterNorwich, VT1,64011.5
30-AugT15Norwich, VTThistle Hill Shelter3,95714.8
31-AugW16Thistle Hill ShelterThe Lookout4,92116.1
1-SepT17The LookoutInn at Long Trail4,48516.1

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