2023 Iceland – Day 4 Part 2 – Aurora Borealis Success


Tuesday, 17 January

This post is only about our second attempt to see the Northern Lights, mostly because there are so many photos. Monday night with Aurora Experts was not very successful. A few distant glows was not enough for them to consider it a successful sighting. Aurora Experts offer a complimentary retry if there is no sighting. So Dolora and I were off again at eight.

Michael returned as our driver. Another couple, from Wales, along the previous night also returned. Our driver headed south west and after checking a couple of times parked the van. Michael told us that the aurora would start in 30-45 minutes. I would say that we were not particularly optimistic after the night before. About 10:30 we were pleasantly suprised when the show started. It was cold and windy so there were frequent trips back inside to warm up. We were serrved Icelandic snacks and hot chocolate (with Brennivin, the national drink if Iceland). Thinking we were done, everyone was back in the van getting warm. Michael said that we would wait for another thirty minutes because conditions would be good again. We were treated to even a better showing of the aurora than before.

As an added bonus, Dolora and I were back in our room at one am compared to two am the night before! The magnificant light made the two trips and frozen fingers worthwhile.

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  1. Diane Olexa says:

    I’m so happy you guys got to experience this.

  2. Joel D Roberts says:


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