2023 Iceland – Day 5 – Perlan


Wednesday, 18 January

Dolora and I only slept in a little after our Northern Lights tour last night. After breakfast pastries at Braud this morning. It was off to visit Perlan, or the Pearl. Google maps finally got us there in thirty minutes or so after a couple of wrong turns. Perlan is a Reykjavik landmark hosting exhibitions, a planetarium, an observation deck, a restaurant, and a cafe. The building is a large dome that encompasses a former cluster of hot water tanks.

Up first was a movie about the auroras in the planetarium. Exhibits included Forces of Nature, a Bird Cliff, Underwater World and Dolora’s favorite the Ice Cave where we hade the chance to sit on an ice throne. Temperature inside the Ice Cave was not much different than the outside temperature, around twelve. The second flow contained a Glacier and Water in Icelandic Nature exhibits with a focus on climate change. There was a trip around the Obserrvation Deck with 360 degree views and time for a coffee before the much shorter walk back to our room.

Dinner was at Messinn, a seafood only restaurant with a nautical theme. Dolora had visited the restaurant as the first stop on our food tour. The Artic Char was wonderful. Since the entrees are served in frying pans they are easy to share. Dolora ordered the Artic Char and I ordered Wolffish. Icelandic beers were on tap Viking Gylltur and a Viking Christmas beer. The meals were delicious and finished with White Chocolate Creme Brulee and Chocolate Cake, each with pistachio ice cream. Messinn was crowded by the time we left.

Back to the room with a Golden Circle tour tomorrow.

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