2023 Europe – Day 1 – Overnight to Munich

Wednesday, 3 May

The weather continues to be cool, 54, and overcast in Manassas. Dolora and I had a brief shower on our way to Greg and Emma’s where we left our car. They live much closer to the airport, Dulles, although we are only about 45 minutes away. Today was my first experience with Uber. After an issue getting it to recognize my payment method, it was wonderful. We were picked up in five minutes and dropped off in front of the United desk.

There was a display of artwork made by Ukrainian children refugees in the terminal. On the wat to check in we ran into a neighbor whose family we had camped with when Greg was young. Security screening was different from previous experiences. Nothing had to be taken out of your bag, liquids and computers remained inside. Shoes still had to be removed. The agents said they had new equipment.

I always feel a little naked when I don’t carry a small multi tool. Since most of the tools have a small knife blade, I have had to leave them behind when flying without a checked bag. I have a small Leatherman that does not have a blade and is supposed to be TSA approved. I figured I would give it a try clipping it on the outside of my small daypack. Success! It never even got a second look.

Our plane, a Boeing 767, was waiting at the gate after arriving from Sao Paulo. The urge is to eat while we wait to board but there will be a meal on the plane. Airport food is not usually much better that airplane food plus I don’t need two dinners.

The full plane left on time at 5:20 for an uneventful flight.

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