2023 Iceland – Day 8 – Back Home

Saturday, 21 January

Dolora and I woke to another warm morning. We walked down to Sandholt Bakery for a pastry for breakfast and a ham and cheese croissant for lunch/dinner on the airplane. We did our final packing and headed over to the bus stop for a noon pickup. Next stop was the bus station for the trip to the airport. The bus was packed and we were not able to sit together.

The Reykjavik Airport is not real large. Since all flights from there are international, you can carry duty free onto the airplane. I just picked up some Iceland candy, chocolate coated corn puffs which turned out to be tasty. The flight was on time at three. Although there are no amenities when flying Play Airlines, the leg room was pretty good so it made for a comfortable flight.

We arrived in Baltimore after five to temperatures a little below what we left behind in Iceland. The drive home was uneventful with minimal traffic which is the best you can hope for in the Washington metro area.

Dolora and I have talked about a trip to see the Northern Lights for a couple of years. There are supposed to be better places than Iceland for a viewing. We were presented with clear weather for most of the week. After missing the show on Sunday night and not seeing much on Monday night, we were hopeful for Tuesday night. After seeing a magnificent show, our guide told us that we were going to wait for another peak in a half hour and it was really worth the wait. It is hard to describe what you see. Most of the photos are probably enhanced. We saw lots of green and at times some hints of red. Mission accomplished.

Iceland airlines offer a few days in Iceland if you are flying to or from Europe without raising the cost of the ticket. Our pair of Iceland trips have been so enjoyable that Dolora has mentioned she would not mind stopping in Iceland on our way back from our next trip to Greece!

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