2023 West Virginia – Day 3 – Dolly Sods


Wednesday, 7 June

Destination: Red Creek CampsiteToday’s Miles: 5.4
Start Location: Stonecoal Run Campsite 14.3

Bob and I were up as usual at six. The temperature registered 36 for a low. Only a little warmer when we woke up. Again no hurry so we started hiking after 8:30. Today was Big Stonecoal Trail to Red Creek Trail so not too many chances to get misdirected. The day was sunny in the low sixties, beautiful hiking weather.

We passed three girls at their campsite that we had seen yesterday filtering water. The trail crossed Red Creek at the intersection with big Stonecoal Trail. It did not look like we could keep our feet dry if we tried to rock hop. So it was off with our hiking shoes and on with our camp shoes. We got to the other side with wet camp shoes and switched back to our hiking shoes which were dry.

Then we met a family with two sisters, their two children and a dog. They had left their map behind and asked us for some help with directions. We left them hoping they were heading in the right direction. We also passed a group of eight men coming in the other direction.

After heading a couple hundred yards on an unmarked trail we turned around found the trail and crossed Red Creek. Just after crossing the creek we found a nice campsite right near the water. Bob and I spent part of the afternoon and evening sitting by the water. A merganser duck, minnows, mayflies and butterflies were our entertainment. We get to go to sleep listening to the stream again tonight.

Tomorrow’s plan is to backtrack a little bit and visit a site on the map marked Lions Head. We’re hoping it’s a nice view. This little side trail is because we don’t have too far to go tomorrow.

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