2023 West Virginia – Day 4 – Dolly Sods


Thursday, 8 June

Destination: Red Creek CampsiteToday’s Miles: 10.4
Start Location: Red Creek Campsite 24.7

Last night continued the pattern, 37 overnight low and 39 when Bob and I were up at six. Taking our time as usual we were hiking around 8:30.

We started with a climb to Rocky Point Trail to warm up. A mile down the trail was Lions Head, an enormous rock formation. Bob did the rock scramble to the top while I waited. He had some scooting on his behind to descend. A few minutes later four guys came bounding down.

We retraced our steps on Rocky Point Trail and got back on Red Creek Trail. We stopped for lunch where Left Fork enters Red Creek. The guys from Lions Head were there. Following Red Creek Trail to it’s end Bob and I headed east on Blackbird Knob Trail to our campsite on Red Creek.

Since we were in early after setting up camp we decided to hike to the Red Creek Campground to check it out. That added about four miles to make today’s total about ten miles, our longest day. The last four miles were light with only with small daypacks. We also had our biggest accent day, over 1,600 feet. It was nice to see the sign at the campground reminding us that the area still contained unexploded ordinance from WWII when the area was used for training. On the way back from the campground a beautiful yellow and black butterfly sipped from a blueberry flower and let me take its picture.

Tonight feels like it will be cool again and we are turning in early. Tomorrow we get back to our vehicles and spend the next two nights at a campground.

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