2023 Loyalsock Trail – Day 5 – Loyalsock Vista Canyon Trail

Thursday, 5 October

Destination: Loyalsock Vista Canyon Trail CampsiteToday’s Miles: 7.8
Start Location: Ketchum Run Tributary Campsite 41.9

Our warmest day yesterday was followed by our coolest night. The overnight low was 52° and that’s what it was when we woke up. Bob and I were out again at about 8:30.

Today’s hike took us to the top of Lee’s Falls. There wasn’t a good view of the falls but we accidentally took a side trail and got beautiful views. At least this was a shorter side trail and had some reward.

Next up was a warning about a trail relocation and a ladder ahead. We expected to bypass the ladder but ended up climbing down it anyway and got beautiful views of Rode Falls. We hiked for a while on Coal Mine Road. There is lots of black slate on the road.

Next up was Mineral Springs where the water is red from iron oxide. Finally made it to our campsite which is right outside Worlds End State Park. Backpackers not allowed to camp in the park. So we’re at the last spot before entering the park.

Today’s weather was nice and sunny and a little cooler than yesterday in low 70s. Tomorrow’s plan is to try to do a few extra miles and save somewalking in the rain on Saturday.

We are camped near the Loyalsock Canyon Vista Trail intersection. The creek is nearby but not loud enough to hear. But it gives us a good chance to clean up and plenty of water. Looks like we’ll be turning in early again tonight. Only saw two day hikers today.

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