2023 Loyalsock Trail – Day 4 – Ketchum Run Tributary

Wednesday, 4 October

Destination: Ketchum Run Tributary CampsiteToday’s Miles: 10.6
Start Location: Falls Run Campsite 34.2

As usual clear sky and a bright moon last night. The thermometer said the low was 52 but the temperature was 60 at 6 am.  Bob and I were up before sunrise with a long day planned. We had a car parked about half of our 60 mile hike so we could resupply and we had to rearrange vehicles. We were hiking by 7:30.

The morning started with a fogged in view and lots of dead ash trees from the Emerald Ash Borer. We got close to a woodpecker but never saw it. Entering Kettle Creek Gorge we saw our first waterfall on the trail. Following the trail we crossed Dutter Run seven times but were rewarded with four waterfalls. 

We arrived at the car before lunch. Back to the start of the trail to pick up my truck, then to the end of the trail to drop it off. From there it was back to where we left the car again. Too much driving but we only had to carry half as much food this way.

Shortly after starting again Bob and I crossed the hallway mark at 29.6 miles. We saw a flock of turkeys in addition to our usual chipmunks. The forest has changed from the oak where walking on the acorns was like walking on marbles to maple and beech which have lost many of their leaves where the rocks and mud are covered.

Today was the warmest so far, 80 in the shade. We saw no other hikers today. We finished up with Mary’s View and a huge rock formation named Split Rock before finding out campsite next to a Ketchum Run tributary. It was a late dinner and early in the tents after a long day.

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