2023 Loyalsock Trail – Day 3 – Falls Run

Tuesday, 3 October

Destination: Falls Run CampsiteToday’s Miles: 9.8
Start Location: Hessler Branch Campsite 23.6

Another clear night with a bright moon. We did hear an owl right after it got dark. The temperature only got down to fifty two.  Bob and I passed two tents set up below us on our way out at 8:30.

The trail is marked with three inch plastic yellow circles marked LT. The old blazes are six inch yellow rectangles with a red line. Occasionally where the trail has been rerouted the old blazes remain. We missed a turn off a logging road and followed the old blazes for about half a mile before realizing our mistake and coming back, adding an extra mile for the day. The guide book noted hotels and casinos that were in this area as late as the 1920s.

Today was a lot of road walking through private property. The roads were gravel and have advantages and disadvantages. Roads can never be as steep as the trail so the climbs can be more gradual but the road surface is tough on your feet. We only saw two cars go by on the road and a few people in the backyard of a cabin but no hikers.

We reached our highest elevation on the trail, 2,140 feet. It’s all downhill from here?!

Our planned campsite was about a half mile after Angel Falls. Bob and I took the side trail to the falls but it looked like a rough hike down the stream. Tomorrow is supposed to have a couple waterfalls so we passed on Angel Falls with 75-80 temperatures.

After crossing Falls Run we found a campsite near the stream where we could wash up. Dinner is usually at 5 and tonight we probably won’t be awake much after sundown. The heat and climbs make for easy sleeping.

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