2023 Loyalsock Trail – Day 2 – Hessler Branch

Monday, 2 October

Destination: Helen’s WindowToday’s Miles: 8.3
Start Location: Hessler Branch Campsite 13.8

The moon was bright again last night. Temperature only dropped to 50 but it was good sleeping. Two day hikers went by while Bob and I were eating breakfast. Yesterday we saw several dozen day hikers during the last mile.

As we were getting ready to leave the campsite, Bob found my map and guide book in his pack. It was a relief because I thought I had left it behind at the kiosk in the parking lot.

The day started with a climb to Smith’s Knob. There  were some nice views and a nice campsite. We ended the day with over 2,000 of ascent. 

Another 65-70 degree, mostly sunny day. There are tons of acorns in the woods. The deer and bears should be able to fatten up before winter. Today is the first day of archery season for deer in Pennsylvania hence the orange we are wearing in the pictures.

Tonight’s campsite is along Hessler Branch so we had a chance to wash after setting up. It’s always nice to sleep with the sound of water nearby. We heard a few other hikers pass by before dinner but they did not stop.

As Bob and I were preparing dinner we saw some people with a large, white dog set up camp below us. A few other day hikers passed by after dinner. We built a fire for entertainment before heading into our tents and listening to an owl hooting.

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