2023 Loyalsock Trail – Day 1 – We Are Off

Sunday, 1 October

Destination: Helen’s Window CampsiteToday’s Miles: 5,5
Start Location: PA Route 87 5.5

Bob and I were awake before sunrise. The nearly full moon provided light all night. Overnight lows were in the high forties. After breaking camp we dropped off Bob’s car and grabbed a big breakfast at Country Friends Cafe in Muncy Valley. Back to Bob’s car which we then drove to the halfway point of our hike. From there we took my truck to the start of the Loyalsock Trail.

At ten we started the trail with our first climb of 750 feet in three quarters of a mile. Not a cloud in the sky today and about 70 degrees. Fortunately the trail leveled out for a while. There was a muddy road crossing where a gas pipeline is being constructed. We stopped to have lunch, Italian hoagies that we picked up last night before dinner. 

Soon it was a slippery, rocky descent to our planned campsite. After crossing a stream we searched for the campsite listed in the guide but no luck. It looked like some construction in the park since the guide had been written eliminated the site. Someone told Bob there was a nice campsite a mile up the trail but no water.

We filled our water bags and headed up, up, up again. After a climb of about three quarters of a mile we arrived at Helen’s Window overlook, a beautiful view with a nearby campsite. Instead of a four and a half mile start it turned into five and a half miles with two big climbs. Well one less climb for tomorrow.

Bob and I set up camp, ate the other half of the hoagies for dinner and watched the sun set from the overview. As usual it is into the tents as it gets dark at 7:00.

Cell service has been very spotty so I am not sure updates will be regular or pics will be posted until the end.

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  1. Nicole Klisch says:

    Yeah, 👍, outdoors again!
    Nice to see you and Bob back on a trail! Is the name of the park just a name or is there a story to it?
    The weather sounds good. Is it very humid?
    Cool, watching the sunset and then sleeping in a tent…😊

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