2024 Old Loggers Path – Intro


Bob and I entertained the idea of embarking on a hike along the Old Loggers Path (OLP) during the autumn season, following our completion of the Loyalsock Trail, both of which are located nearby in Pennsylvania. However, with several inches of rain pouring down overnight as we finished the Loyalsock Trail, we reasoned that navigating slippery wet leaves might not offer the most enjoyable experience. Consequently, we opted to defer our exploration of the OLP for a future excursion.

The Old Loggers Path is a 27.8 mile orange-blazed long-distance backpacking route, tracing the paths of former railroad grades, logging roads, bark trails, and other remnants of industrial transportation, hence its name. This loop winds through secluded stretches of northeastern Lycoming County. Notable features along the trail include the exposed cuts on the railroad grades, the scenic beauty of Rock Run—one of Pennsylvania’s most picturesque streams—and sweeping vistas overlooking the McIntyre Wild Area, Pleasant Stream, and the Loyalsock Trail region.

Our current plan entails meeting up on Sunday in Williamsport, Pennsylvania, where we’ll spend the night. On Monday morning, we’ll treat ourselves to a hearty breakfast before embarking on our journey to the OLP trailhead. Bob and I intend to spread our hiking over four relatively short days. This strategy spares us from enduring several hours of driving home after a strenuous final day on the trail. Weather forecasts predict pleasant conditions, with nighttime temperatures dipping into the 30s. We view this hike as a tune up for our upcoming three-week trek on the AT scheduled for June. Since it’s before the hiking season kicks into high gear, we anticipate the trail to be serenely quiet.

After reviewing a map of cell phone coverage, I anticipate being able to provide updates along the trail. However, there may be delays in sharing photos until I return home. Let’s hope for decent data connections!

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  1. Nicole says:

    Yeah, cool , 😎, another hiking adventure!
    I wish you Tons of fun and the anticipated good weather!
    Happy trails
    Nicole (Former Trail Snail)

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