2024 Appalachian Trail – Day 2 – Hot, Hot, Hot!

Wednesday – 19 June

Destination: Limestone Spring Shelter (1503.1)
Start Location: Pine Swamp Brook Shelter (1490.4)
Today’s Miles: 12.7
Trip Miles: 18.3

Overnight cooled to 65 making sleeping pleasant. Bob and I were up early and hiking by 6:30. The little bit of morning excitement was seeing a skunk walk onto the trail about 10 yards away. He headed down the trail a bit and disappeared.  Added to yesterday’s little ring necked snake, that’s our exotic animals so far.

Morning hiking was much nicer than yesterday. Half of our miles were done before lunch. Bob and I did add 0.3 miles one way to visit the Mountain Cafe in Falls Village for a muffin and phone charge.

Of course the climb was in the heat of the day. Lots of water and breaks. The AT was morning compared to the half mile side trail to the shelter. It will be a fun climb in the morning.

There are two other hikers here tonight, a thru hiker and Hucklebuck who was the hiker that stayed near us last night.

We were in early, got water and cleaned up. Since we didn’t eat lunch, we had our lunch for dinner. Neither of us felt like a hot meal.

It feels good to have some time to relax before it gets dark. The next two days will be a little shorter in the heat.

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