2024 Appalachian Trail – Day 3 – Add In Humidity

Thursday – 20 June

Destination: Brassie Brook Shelter (1511.7)
Start Location: Limestone Spring Shelter (1503.1)
Today’s Miles: 8.6
Trip Miles: 26.8

I start off with Just Bob Guest Commentary for yesterday.

Been on the trail two days. Hiking has been good except the extreme heat and humidity. Drinking lots of water. But not very hungry as we get bloated from all the water. On trail water sources are ok with good advance planning. Some are dried up. Not many other hikers so no competition for tent sites. Been leapfrogging with “Hucklebuck” from Wilkes Barre area. His trail name should be “F*#klebuck” as he frequently drops F bombs. Today’s highlight was stopping in the morning at a very pleasant deli for a rootbeer float and grilled blueberry muffin. And ICE WATER with ICE! The staff treats hikers very well. They thanked us for leaving our packs outside. Wish we had breakfast there 🙁 12+ mile day today. 8 milers the next two which will be a Nice break. Only 10 more miles in Connecticut. Then hello Massachusetts!

Back to our regularly scheduled update. Bob and I were hiking at 6:30 after a good night’s sleep even with Hucklebuck’s nearby snoring. At least tenting is better than being in the shelter.

So we started the morning with a 300 foot climb over a half mile from the shelter to the trail. Today’s creatures included two garter snakes, one living, one dead and a couple of owls calling that we never did see along with the usual birds and squirrels. Fortunately the four miles to Salisbury were mostly downhill. As we approached the road we passed a couple who told us after a steep downhill, there was a bakery. After a bit of discussion, Bob and I decided to take the half mile (one way) road walk in the hope of a breakfast sandwich at Sweet Williams Coffee Shop and Bakery. After a ham and cheese croissant and a conversation with Patchwork, a thru hiker from Rochester, NY it was back the the trail and up 1,000 feet as the day got warmer.

We continue to go slow with short breaks and longer ones when there is water. When we got to the shelter around 2:00 we met another thru hiker, Young Neil, from Maine. He spent the day at the shelter and is planning to leave tonight after some heat related illness. There is a nice stream nearby so we could wash up and filter water. Still no big appetite with the heat.

Bob and I had quite a discussion about the extra mile today to visit the bakery. My limit for an off trail year is about a quarter mile. As much as I wanted a breakfast sandwich, all I could think of was the extra hour of hiking in the heat. In my mind the problem is that you only think about the hour it takes to get there and back in the morning when it is cooler. We will work it out.

Tomorrow we will try to get out a little earlier and the guide mentions swim holes. Maybe a quick dip? Sunrise is about 5:20 and the birds wake you about a half hour before that. Since we go to sleep at 8:30 that isn’t too bad.

Still warm with added humidity today. Waiting for cooler weather.

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  1. Dolora says:

    The root beer float sure must of felt good in this heat!

  2. Steve Raseman says:

    Stay hydrated and hopefully plenty of trail magic water caches

  3. Diane Olexa says:

    My birds wake me up, too but isn’t that better than an alarm clock for work?😁 Have a good hike, but be careful with this heat.

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