2024 Appalachian Trail – Day 4 – Connecticut Done

Friday – 21 June

Destination: Glen Brook Shelter (1520.1)
Start Location: Brassie Brook Shelter (1511.7)
Today’s Miles: 8.4
Trip Miles: 35.3

Today Bob and I left Connecticut and entered Massachusetts. Another state completed.

Last night two other hikers tented nearby. The hiker who had been sick left and continued his hike. We ended up putting our rain flys on the tents last night for the first time. Thunder in the distance but only light showers overnight and dry by morning.

This morning we climbed our first peak over 2,000 feet in the AT since Virginia. After a 500 foot climb we were atop Bear Mountain. I think every state has at least one Bear Mountain. Patchwork from yesterday passed us on the trail.

Bob and I crossed the border and walked along Sages Ravine which had some nice swimming holes but we just filled up water. A ridge runner offered to carry out our trash so we took advantage of that. In Massachusetts it was a 900 foot climb up Mount Race and to finish the day in the heat, 700 feet to Mount Everett. Mount Race had a half mile of ledges that didn’t help my fear of heights. Bob was saying ‘What a nice view’ while I was staring straight ahead.  Water was scarce today and when we got to Guilder Pond we met a peak bagger (a hiker who climbs peaks as a hobby) who gave us some much needed water. While we were looking for a spot on the pond to get some more water, we disturbed a couple of nude sunbathers.

Leaving Connecticut behind it is worth noting that the trail is wonderfully maintained. Camping is only allowed in designated areas and no campfires. Fire rings seem to be a magnet for camper trash. Our experience was no fire rings and no trash.

Bob and I got to the tent area just in time to set up before the thunderstorm. I’m waiting for the rain to stop so we can make dinner and go get water. Finally I have an appetite.

Photos get uploaded when I have Wi-Fi (tomorrow night) and you have to look at earlier days to see them.

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