2024 Appalachian Trail – Day 7 – Upper Goose Pond Cabin

Monday – 24 June

Destination: Upper Goose Pond Cabin (1555.7)
Start Location: Goose Pond Road (1552.7)
Today’s Miles: 3.0
Trip Miles: 46.2

After breakfast at the motel, Bob and I had a pickup scheduled with a Papa Joe at 10:00 to bring us back to the AT. While waiting for our shuttle, we noticed a 1921 Rolls Royce Silver Ghost in the parking lot. The owner was taking down the convertible top and said that he used it on the road. It was in great condition.

We had Papa Joe run us to the Big Y grocery where we ordered Italian subs, half for lunch and half for dinner. From there we were dropped off at Goose Pond Road for the three mile hike to the half mile side trail to Upper Goose Pond Cabin.

Upper Goose Pond Cabin was on our list of not to be missed. The cabin has a bunk room upstairs for 15 with mattresses and a room for the caretaker. A nice porch with rocking chairs, an indoor room with fireplace and kitchen downstairs.  A day hiker chatted with us while we ate lunch on the deck. Then Bob and I set up tents in the camping area in back of the cabin. Today is cool, 65 degrees, with occasional light showers. For the first time this hike, there is a breeze. When we got back to the deck, Boom, the caretaker arrived. We received an official tour and there is some warm leftover coffee. Boom will have coffee ready at 6:30 and pancakes at 7:00. He has refused our offer of help to cook or clean up. We did bring up four buckets of water from the lake to be used for cleaning in the morning.

Relaxing on the deck to the sounds of woodpeckers and an occasional car or truck. The only thing you could possibly consider a downside to the cabin is the highway noise. The other hikers who came in tonight are No Rush (female), Marie, Maxwell, Pipes, Night Hiker, Porky. Night Walker is southbound while all the others are northbound. Night Walker was able to tell us there is a steam at tomorrow’s shelter.  Porky came in after 7:00 finishing a 40 mile day. He didn’t want to do two short days, 20 miles each. Makes me and Bob wish we were young. Pipes told us the hiker Young Neil who was suffering from the heat was going home for a week to recover. We were glad to hear that.

The light rain which was forecast to stop earlier is still here just before eight as Bob and I crawled into our tents. Hopefully the tents will be dry in the morning. Looking forward to the coffee and pancakes.

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