2024 Appalachian Trail – Epilogue


Connecticut and Massachusetts

First note – Bob’s photos have been added to the appropriate days. If you do not want to go back through each day, his photos are posted in this update.

Another 68 miles of the Appalachian Trail completed. Many lessons learned on this trip. The heat caused us some re-planning to shorten the trip. Bob and I handled the heat well by hiking shorter miles, going slow, taking plenty of breaks and drinking lots of water. Unfortunately, it looked like the shorter miles were going to turn the three week plan to a four week plan. This really did not fit with our schedules. We adjusted and made sure to visit our “must sees”, Upper Goose Pond Cabin and the Cookie Lady. Bob and I were also able to visit with friends in Williamstown, Massachusetts and Wallingford, Vermont.

New England and the small towns with friendly people did not disappoint. I look forward to completing the sections we skipped. Bob and I have already started discussion about a fall trip. Not sure if it will be on the AT or another trail.

After about eight years of serious backpacking, I feel I have my gear dialed in. My tent is a Tarptent Double Rainbow DW. This two person tent is only a little heavier than a one person and can be made freestanding with my hiking poles. It can also be pitched without the fly which was nice in the hot weather.

I recently moved to a Therm-a-Rest NeoAir® XLite™ NXT Sleeping Pad in the regular wide size. This is the same weight as my previous sleeping pad but the additional five inches of width has greatly improved my sleep quality. I could have saved four ounces with the regular width but the trade off is well worth it. All my backpacking has been done with an Enlightened Equipment down quilt, a decision I have never regretted.

After trying several different stove options, including alcohol stoves, I cook with a Jetboil stove for fuel efficiency and speed of boil. I did upgrade to a regulated burner after not being able to boil water with the unregulated burner in some cold weather.

I have stuck with an Osprey Exos backpack although I switched from the 58 liter to the smaller 48 liter which still holds all my gear with some room left over.

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