2019 Germany – Day Eight – Neuschwantein and Hohenschwangau

Tuesday, 17 September

This morning after picking up some bread for breakfast, it was off to Nicole’s apartment. After a tasty breakfast with Nicole’s guter (good) Kaffee. Frank and Nicole suggested we visit the King’s Castles, Neuschwantein and Hohenschwangau, then the old town of Fussen. Dolora and I liked that idea since  wonderful weather, 70s and no rain, continued to be the forecast.

The newer castle, Neuschwantein, was build by “Mad” King Ludwig. The castle was started in 1869. It took 17 years to build the castle but King Ludwig lived in it for only 172 days before he was declared mentally unfit and taken away. This was the first castle we saw after a nice, cool walk through a canyon with waterfalls. This hiking path was only opened this spring after clearing some landslides.

After getting our photos of Neuschwantein, it was off to see Hohenschwangau. This castle originally build in the 12th century was ruined by Napoleon and rebuilt in 1930 by King Maximilian II, Ludwig’s father. We took a walk back to the car and made a short 5 km drive to Fussen.

Fussen is along the Lech River. It has a nice, old, pedestrian area. After the required ice cream and coffee, apple strudel for Dolora, we walked to St. Magnus Monastery, the High Castle and the town wall. We all sat and relaxed at the park before heading back to town for an early dinner at Frank and Nicole’s favorite restaurant, Beim Olivenbauer. Schweineschnitzel for Frank and me, salads for Nicole and Dolora. A stop at the grocery on the way out for some more good German beer and a snack and we headed back. After a short while at Nicole’s apartment, we made some plans for tomorrow and headed to our hotel. We will get to meet Anna, Nicole’s friend tomorrow.

Nicole and Frank have been really wonderful hosts, tour guides and chauffeurs. It will make any future trips hard to beat. The local, personal touch makes the visit relaxing and extra enjoyable.

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