2019 Germany – Day Seven – Relaxing

Monday, 16 September

Slept in a little today, then it was the short walk to Nicole’s for breakfast with good coffee. Today’s plan is to relax and spend the day here. Frank is suffering from a bit of a cold and going to head home for a while. He did show me his Toyota GT and gave me a ride before he left. Afterwards, Dolora and I went with Nicole to drop off recyclables and do some grocery shopping so Nicole can cook dinner tonight. The walk included beautiful, little town park that had fountains and swans. On the way back, we stopped at the hotel to pick up some dirty clothes and do our laundry. Another clear, warm day with a bit of wind.

We spent the afternoon at Nicole’s apartment chatting about everything and even getting a few German language pointers. Dolora and I are both taking some German lessons with a phone app called Duo Lingo. Dolora seems to have a much better aptitude for languages than I do.

Nicole made a beef stew with potatoes, carrots, green beans and some other vegetables. I had some wonderful German bread to eat with my delicious stew. Some more conversation and chocolates for dessert after dinner and then an early night. This was a good time for a “rest” day. The weather forecast continues to be for no rain but it should be a bit cooler for a couple days. Plan is to visit some sites tomorrow.

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